Urban Floor's Composer Collection captures the look and feel of reclaimed hardwood floors, enhanced with the performance of engineered flooring. The brushed grain surface treatment features a mix of filled and unfilled knots, natural splits, mineral streaks and bowtie inlays, capturing the rich, timeless beauty of historic colonial estates. The ultra wide and extra long planks provide both the stability and fine craftsmanship that will transform an ordinary house into your dream home. The Composer Collection is the perfect balance between the artistry of yesterday and the innovation of today!

Urban Floor + Wall

  • Beethoven TCC-296-BE

  • Mozart TCC-297-MO

  • Bach TCC-298-BA

  • Brahms TCC-299-BR

  • Our Composer orchestra collection illustrates a stunning new breakthrough in wood character best described as ‘driftwood-inspired’

    The planks are gently distressed to capture the tranquility and enchantment of the tide-kissed coastline, inviting you to smell, taste, see and hear the ocean

    The Composer Orchestra engineered hardwood flooring collection is sandblasted first by machine to create a long-lasting, wear-resistant surface, and then secondly by hand to ensure that no sharp edges or splinters ever graze a tender barefoot sole. Finally, we apply an elaborate, three-process staining to the species, employing a world-renowned German finish ‘Klumpp’ to seal in the delightful idiosyncrasies and mottled beauty of the wood.

    The legendary longevity of Composer Orchestra collection is a remarkable bounty; they have a way of soaking up laughter, love and friendship.

  • Piccolo TCC-295-P

  • Stravinsky TCC-280-ST

  • Debussy TCC-281-DB

  • Vivaldi TCC-282-VV

  • Strauss TCC-283-SS