Urbanfloor Partners: A Day at Vanderpump Dogs

Aug 18, 2017

It’s easy to love dogs – their loyalty and unconditional love are a few of the many reasons they have been dubbed “man’s best friend”. As a conglomerate of animal lovers, we were so excited when we heard of an LA organization, right in our backyard, who are committed to rescuing, re-homing, and fighting for the welfare of dogs everywhere. Founded by entrepreneur, activist, writer, and TV personality Lisa Vanderpump, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation is committed to animal rights; from their work at their LA rescue center to their advocacy overseas, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation truly has a heart for animal welfare.

We are excited to announce a volunteer partnership with this worthy cause. Several Urbanfloor team members from right here at headquarters have set aside time each month to join their efforts hands-on! We recently had the honor to spend our first of many volunteer days at The Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s rescue center in West Hollywood, CA – Vanderpump Dogs. While we were there, we did everything from cleaning enclosures and walking rescued dogs (many of whom were taken from terrible situations or close to being euthanized at local kill shelters) to assisting in the adoption process.

While we were there, we met so many loveable little dogs awaiting their forever homes, but one particular pup stuck out in our hearts and minds – Duncan.

Duncan, a loving 6-year-old mix-breed, was one of several dogs awaiting adoption. When we heard of Duncan’s history of abuse and the fact that he was hours from being euthanized after spending seven long months in a shelter, our hearts broke for him.

Lisa Vanderpump congratulating Duncan on his new home!

When our VP, David, heard Duncan’s story and went to meet him in person, he knew that he was not only meant to be adopted into his own home but also was meant to be a part of the Urbanfloor team!

Duncan was adopted into his forever home on Saturday, August 12th and, since then, he has spent several days at Urbanfloor headquarters soaking up everyone’s affection and helping contribute to the positive atmosphere.

We are so excited for the future of our volunteer partnership with the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and being able to join them in their cause!

For more information on how you can partner with the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, CLICK HERE >>

3 Easy Tips for Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Aug 16, 2017

We have received a lot of questions from our customers about how to properly care for their hardwood flooring purchase. We understand that hardwood flooring is an investment and we love being able to help you tend to that investment. So, what to do and what not to do?

Read below and see!

1. Clean your floors regularly.

damp mopping wood floors

Modern hardwood floors are relatively quick and easy to maintain and care for. With a few simple low-cost cleaning tools and some small preventative maintenance measures, you can easily ensure that your new hardwood floors stay looking their best for years to come.

In addition to maintaining a stable interior environment (room temperature 60°­–80° F and relative humidity between 30-50% year-round), your floors should be cleaned regularly. Simply sweep, vacuum, or dust-mop to remove any lingering dust and grit. When necessary, clean your floor with factory-approved floor cleaner (for more information on what type of floor cleaner to use, CLICK HERE). It is important to remember never to wet-mop your floors. Over time, wet-mopping can damage your floor’s finish. When cleaning, ensure you rinse your applicator as to not spread dirt to other areas which can cause haziness and streaks.

2. Protect against possible damage from pets.

Hardwood Floors and Pets

Do you have pets in your home? Just by keeping their nails clipped, you can keep scratches at a minimum. To protect your floors further, simply place a mat beneath their water dish to act as a barrier between the water and your new floors.

3. Prevent discoloration and scratching with rug backing and floor protectors.

When it comes to adding décor to your home, only rugs with a natural backing (for example, felt) are safe for your wood floor. Stay away from rugs with a synthetic backing as they can both damage and discolor your floor.

Similar to the qualifications for rug backing, non-abrasive felt-backed floor protectors work best for guarding against scratches from furniture. Rubber and plastic backed products can trap moisture and cause discoloration.

So there you have it: 3 easy tips for caring for your hardwood floor! We hope this information proves helpful for caring for your hardwood floor investment!

Color Corner: European Oak Lambrusco

Aug 1, 2017

Welcome to the blog! To continue our spotlight series, we are going to talk about the striking European oak Lambrusco from our Chene collection. Embodying the rich, exotic essence of the French wine, the Lambrusco offers light, creamy hues and a chic and distinguished sense of style. With its matte finish and extra-long planks, the Lambrusco certainly makes a statement wherever it is installed.

Strength & Durability
The Lambrusco’s strong 7.5” wide planks are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and its wire brushed texture make this floor a good choice for families with kids and pets. Pair this durability with Urbanfloor’s lifetime structural and 35-year finish warranty (see warranty information HERE for more details), it is easy to see why the Lambrusco is one of our most popular color choices.

Aesthetic & Style
The Lambrusco’s unique wire brushed aesthetic provides the perfect canvas for your design plan. Like the photo featured above, the Lambrusco is paired with an elegant and creamy-white tones which give the overall space an airy feel.

With its versatility, the Lambrusco is not limited to this sort of design, it also pairs well with a modern, cooler design featuring contemporary metallic accents and clean, bold angles. For fans of contrast in their designs, you will find that the Lambrusco pairs well with dark accents as illustrated in the bedroom below. The mix of textures and angles in this room make for a bold but understated design.

Safety Standards
We ensure cleaner air for your family. In accordance with our company’s values, all our engineered wood flooring is proudly FloorScore certified and the Lambrusco is no exception. FloorScore certification is a voluntary, independent certification program that tests and certifies that hard surface flooring and the materials that they are made with are in compliance with stringent indoor quality emissions.
Read more about FloorScore certification HERE.

So, what do you think? Is the Lambrusco right for your home? If you have it installed in your house, we would love to see photos! Leave us a comment on our Facebook post and join the conversation!
View the Lambrusco on our website HERE.

Color Corner: Oak Cleveland

Jun 23, 2017

Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about the oak Cleveland in the Downtown Series from the Urban Lifestyle Collection! The Cleveland is a beautiful grey-toned brown floor, perfect for any home setting or any design space. At 4 3/4 inches wide, this oak floor hits the sweet spot between classic and traditional while remaining modern and contemporary with its grey washed look. We were recently invited into a gorgeous home in the city of Irvine, California to view and photograph their installation of the oak Cleveland.


Tommy, his wife Sarah and their three kids were kind enough to let us in their Orange County home to enjoy their floors for a bit. Sarah said the Cleveland was the perfect mix of brown and grey for the aesthetic they were trying to achieve in their home. After two years of use, the floor still looks just as good as the day they laid it down. Because of the wire brushed texture found in the Cleveland, along with three kids of their own and the 10 others that were in attendance outside for a pool party, the characteristics in each plank only enhance in time with proper care.



As you can see here, they’ve used a pop of blue here and there as contract color to balance out the brown in the floor to receive a more grey effect. That’s some high level color theory and interior design going on! Impressive! We’re so grateful for those who open their homes to us to check out and photograph. We can’t thank you enough, Tommy and Sarah for sharing your decorating story with us!


Let’s Talk About Color: Gray Hardwood

Jun 1, 2017

Welcome back to our blog! As we end our series on color, we will be discussing the ever-so-popular gray hardwood! You may have seen a rise in gray hardwood floors in recent years and this is due to significant trending of this coveted aesthetic. Gray hardwood is very modern and easily compliments other modern home finishes such as nickel and stainless steel.

But is gray hardwood flooring right for you?


Is gray hardwood floor just a fad?

With any significant trend in the interior design industry, it bears questioning if the popular materials of the time are future classics or simply passing fads. After all, hardwood flooring is a significant investment and it is important to know that your choice will stand the test of time.



The great thing about gray hardwood is that, passing trend or not, it is a neutral color choice that compliments an array of design styles. While gray hardwood floors tend to pair best with cool, modern designs, you can also bring warmth to any space with accent colors and natural wood decor.


Which shade of gray – light or dark?

When it comes to selecting a shade or tone of gray hardwood flooring, there are many available options. A light gray floor and a dark gray floor will have many of the same pros and cons that we have discussed with previous posts in this series on light and dark hardwood.

Dark hardwood is leading modern trends and it is easy to see why. The contrast that dark wood and light furniture and décor is truly beautiful. While it is amazing on a larger scale, darker toned hardwood may not be the best option for a smaller space as it may make it appear even smaller than it actually is. Additionally, darker gray floors will show more dirt and pet hair than their lighter counterpart. Conversely, with a lighter gray floor, it can open up smaller spaces and create an illusion of the room being larger and works better to hide dirt and pet hair.



So, what do you think about gray hardwood floor? Browse our entire selection of gray floors here!

No one hardwood floor is right for everyone and we are happy to be the provider of quality floors in numerous colors and styles.  We hope that this series on color has shed some light on which floor might be the right choice for you!


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