Sophia Christensen is 14 years old. She was awarded the Presidential Gold Service Award 2 years in row for volunteering over 1000 hours to her community. Just last year Sophia participated in a walk to raise money for cancer patents and survivors. She took all her savings and bought an older horse and the love affair began with Wildfire and Gallo. In May of 2015 she got a small part-time job. Before too long, she started complaining about fatigue and foot, leg, and hip pain. Then it spread to all over body pain. She went to the doctor, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She was sent home and was told she would feel better.

On July 18, 2015 she got worse; she was in pain and had a fever. Off to Radys Childrens Hospital where, that night, she was admitted to the Hematology/Oncology unit. On July 22, 2015, she was diagnosed with B Lymphoblastic Leukemia, graded very high risk due to age. She started treatment that night and was in the hospital for the next thirty days. Not only do you receive a stinging diagnosis, but also a treatment plan of 2.5 years, and thats if there are no issues. Sophias family has insurance but it is not even close to the astronomical cost of the repeating yearly co-pay and high-priced medications and treatment copays. Her family has started a Go Fund Me that will barely cover this years deductible, let alone the cost for outpatient treatment for the next 2.5 years. Sophias dad had just gotten a new job that he has already had to take leave and will have to quit to care for Sophia. Her mom will go back to work as her job will cover their insurance. They are a hard working family and receiving help has been a very hard thing for them.

Urban Floor is teaming up with #TeamSophia for a fundraiser dedicated to raising funds for Sophia and her family. If there is any way to youd support #TeamSophia, it will be greatly appreciated!

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