Design & Styles

Urbanfloor boasts in stylish design of a great variety of wood choices.

Lacquer vs. Oil (VCC Only)

The modern, Lacquered wood flooring is extremely tough and hardwearing while still protecting the “natural” coloring of the wood and preserving its warmth and vibrancy over the years. Unlike waxed/oiled finishes that require regular treatment to keep them maintained, lacquered floors take little more than sweeping or vacuuming with an occasional use of a wood floor cleaner. Lacquered finishes form a protective coating that is scratch and water resistant making it the ideal finish for the modern home.


Whether you prefer a smooth finish, a hand-scraped finish or even a heavily distressed floor, Urbanfloor has a style aesthetic that suits you. Explore the variety of trends from contemporary wire-brushing that enhances the natural wood grain to genuine hand-scraped floors that create a subtle time-worn look, featuring distinct indentations and rustic chatter marks.

color variation

Cohesively using design elements such as color, style and finish, you can enrich the appearance of any interior. While designing an interior, you should also take into account the natural colors from the species of wood floor chosen and its tendency to lighten or darken with age and sun exposure. Species color variances range from the sleek look of Birch, to a deep richness of color found in a Brazilian Cherry. The scale rating is from 1 (lightest in color) to 5 (darkest in color).

edge detail

The edge/end detail is the way the edges and the ends of the wooden boards are cut. Planks with distinctive grooves like the regular bevel edges in the Welcome Home Collection shows the definition of individual boards. Kissed edges/ends create a smoother and seamless appearance in the Villa Caprisi Collection.

Foot traffic

Generally, the thicker the engineered hardwood layer, the more sustainable and resistant it will be to damage. Each of our collections are measured from medium to high foot traffic to assure you are met with the correct durability for your needs.

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