Does wood flooring conform to most design styles?
Yes. Wood flooring has become very popular in the Interior Design world and works well with many decorating styles. It is the most versatile floor covering used by most interior designers. Wood goes with contemporary and traditional styles and everything in between. Furthermore, wood increases the value of homes. Interior designers rated natural materials as superior to man-made materials in beauty, prestige, style, maintenance, and durability. A variety of woods and finishes are available to complement the decor and style of any room. Oak and Maple are the most popular woods, but some homeowners are investing in exotics such as Brazilian Cherry and Walnut.

What species and color should I choose?
There are several species, colors and grain variations to consider. Other than the walls, the floor represents the largest expanse of color or pattern in a room. Your floor should complement the fabrics, furnishings and accessories already present in the space, as well as enhance the unique personality of the room as a whole.We carry many in-demand and highly reputable species: Walnut, Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, and Maple. Our unique and varied stains and semi-gloss finishes are in direct accordance with what customers respond to with enthusiasm and positivity. Check out our products page to see variety of wood in our product line.

Engineered floor OR solid hardwood product?
Engineered products available in Planks or Strips are manufactured of hardwood using a cross-directional laminated construction with a top layer of premium hardwood. This construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, making engineered products inherently and dimensionally stable. Solid products available in Planks, Strips or Parquet are manufactured from a solid piece of wood.

Can wood floors be installed in basements?
Urbanfloor engineered wood floors can be installed on above, at or below grade and only require sensible precautions. Moisture can be a problem below grade even when no moisture exists at the time of installation. A vapor barrier, sleeper system or both should be used for nailing down and a two-part urethane adhesive should be used for gluing down.

How many finish coats are applied to Urbanfloor products?
The Urbanfloor PLATINUM SHIELD UV finish features seven coats applied with extreme accuracy and toughened by the millions of Aluminum Oxide Crystals to ensure a smooth, uniform finish with unparalleled abrasion-resistance and beauty. Find out more at our structure and quality page.

What is the moisture content of Urbanfloor wood flooring?
The moisture content is maintained at 8-10%.

What is the difference between laminate and wood flooring?
Laminate flooring, also called a floating floor, consists of a thin film of wood imitation glued over a panel composed of high-density compressed wood particles (fibers). The result is a floor that, despite looking like wood, cannot be sanded, which limits its longevity. Hardwood flooring consists of a hardwood wear layer, whether it is solid or engineered. This results in a natural-looking floor with a real hardwood surface that can be sanded, stained and varnished several times and may change along with your taste or dcor. Its longevity is virtually unlimited if properly maintained.

Why should I buy prefinished flooring versus unfinished flooring?
Unfinished flooring installed by a professional offers the most options regarding sheen and custom colors. Prefinished flooring is convenient. There is less time involved in installation and less mess. Since they can move independently, changes in humidity will not crack the finish between two individual planks.

What is the difference between prefinished and unfinished wood?
The big difference is the factory has sanded and finished the prefinished planks before they're installed on your job, thus eliminating the cost and mess of sanding and finishing on site. Prefinished has the aluminum-oxide finish, which is five to seven times harder than typical urethane finish. The aluminum oxide also comes with a 25-year finish-wear warranty.

Can I expect color variations in my wood floors?
Yes. Hardwood flooring is a natural product. Therefore, you may notice natural color differences in the wood from plank to plank. You can expect color variations in all grades of wood including quality flooring from Urbanfloor, although lower grades of flooring will have a larger number of character blemishes.

Do you recommend wood floors for people with allergies?
Absolutely. Hardwood floors are convenient to maintain and clean, making it easier to avoid the dust build-up that often occurs with carpets. Cleaning up pet hair and spills is also more convenient with hardwood floors.

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