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Apple Company History from 2000- 2004

0 comments / August 30, 2012

By Glen Sanford Source: The second half of 2000 was rocky for Apple. Slower sales (both for Apple and the industry as a whole), combined with a misunderstanding of the consumer market resulted in the first unprofitable quarter in three years. One factor in this decline was the G4 Cube, which sold poorly dueRead more

Apple Company History from 1997- 2000

0 comments / August 24, 2012

By Glen Sanford Source: Jobs’ presence was known almost as quickly as NeXT was acquired. The degree of Jobs’ “expanded role” soon became quite clear. With no CEO and Apple Stock lower than it had been in 5 years, there were many decisions to be made, and not much time to make them. JobsRead more

Apple Company History from 1996-1997

0 comments / August 17, 2012

By Glen Sanford Source: Amelio made a strong effort to bring Apple back to profitability, but his efforts would prove to be largely unsuccessful. Following his first 100 days as CEO, Amelio announced broad changes in the corporate structure of the company. The company was to be split into 7 separate divisions, each responsibleRead more

Apple Company History from 1993- 1996

0 comments / August 10, 2012

By Glen Sanford Source: Spindler, by all accounts, was the wrong man for the job. A fairly impersonal man, Spindler’s office was nearly impossible to get into. However, in his two and a half years as CEO, Spindler oversaw several accomplishments. In 1994 Apple announced the PowerMac family, the first Macs to be basedRead more

Apple Company History from 1985- 1993

0 comments / August 2, 2012

By Glen Sanford Source: Sculley became the de facto head of Apple in May 1985. Over the next few months, Apple was forced to lay off a fifth of its work force, some 1,200 employees. The company also posted its first quarterly loss. All this, and the resignation of Jobs, served to erode confidenceRead more

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