Timbertop x Urban Floor – Chevron

Feb 6, 2017



The brand new Chevron from the Timbertop x Urban Floor line is totally unique in the world of pre-finished hardwood flooring. There are several features that set the quality and look of the product apart from all other manufacturers. First the staining process is a reactive stain and smoking process that takes from 24 to 48 hours to produce. The reactive stain interacts with the natural tannins and sugars in the wood to create a naturally aged look that would normally take years to achieve. And the color/stain is not merely on the surface it actually penetrates the wood approximately 2mm deep. Thereby making minor scratch repair very easy and in most cases unnecessary, as the color has penetrated more than just the surface.  With t
he UV cured oil finish used it will not be necessary to oil the floor immediately after installation as you would with most oil finished floors. In a high traffic or commercial application you would only need to refresh the oil finish as needed and only in traffic areas to keep the floor looking brand new for many years.



The top wear layer of Chevrons are individual splines/slats of wood 5.5 MM thick, not that you want to but this floor could be sanded and refinished multiple times. This floor installed in a commercial building or custom home properly maintained will be enjoyed by visitors 150 years from now. The overall thickness is slightly more than ¾ inch. Thereby making this one of the thickest most durable engineered floors on the market today. The engineered core is made from Havea wood which is a fancy name for the rubber tree. The advantage of this core is it is grown in the tropics around the equator. Grown in this region there are no seasons and the tree grows year round and produces no growth rings that you find in trees growing in North and South America or Europe. Having no growth rings means this wood core is the most environmentally stable wood product produced. So much so that the product does not need acclimation prior to installation. All you need do is deliver it and start installing immediately. No more 3 day acclimation on a new construction job site only to find your wood has been stolen before your installation crew arrives.



Another big advantage to the Timbertop Chevron is the planks are 11 ½ inches wide and 4 feet 9 inches long. Easily glued, stapled or floated by your regular installation crew. No need to hire a 50 year old master craftsman to fashion each chevron piece individually and installed separately at 50 dollars per hour, then sanded and finished in place, the labor savings alone using this state of the art product is considerable. One final key feature offered is custom borders/feature strips to match. If you have an area where the Chevron look is desired with a surrounding border such as a foyer or dining room, Urban Floor makes 3 ½ inch wide 8 foot long feature strips matching in color and tongue and groove to make installation and a custom look quick and simple.



Visit or contact your local Urban Floor Dealer today to see if the timeless Timbertop Chevron is just what your home or project needs to set your project apart from everyday ordinary.


Ron Call

New Year, New Hardwood Floors!

0 comments / Jan 6, 2017


2016 was one for the books and we’re more than ready for a few new beginnings! 2017 will be just that for Urban Floor, since we have big plans for the new year and one of those plans is the launch of our new Savanna Collection. We’ve been tirelessly working on preparations for this new collection to be debuted at The International Surface Event in Vegas mid January while at the same time working on ANOTHER collaborative collection that will also be debuting at Surfaces, however that’s for another time. Another blog. Needless to say, we’ve been busy around here and we will continue to be busy for the rest of the year! That’s just the mentality and work ethic we need to execute these plans the be the best hardwood flooring company in town!



If you follow us at all on any of our social media platforms, you’ve seen that we have been teasing the launch of this new collection recently. But we haven’t really talked too much about it. For instance, the Savanna Collection has an HDF (High Density Fiberboard) core that we will be bragging about at Surfaces. What that means without getting too technical is that the engineered aspect of our the Savanna is composed of a stronger material usually found in engineered hardwood flooring. The technology used to engineer an HDF core is state of the art, and actually quite cost effective. Therefore, we are able to offer a better, stronger, more luxurious hardwood floor at a lower cost to you! Because Urban Floor’s middle name is innovation, products like this are no where else on the market and this is how we are going to revolutionize the hardwood flooring industry as a whole. The Savanna comes in 7 beautifully stylish colors ranging from a light grey, all the way to a dark, almost black. Rich colors you would hardly ever see at this economically affordable price point! We’re really excited for this collection to hit the market and more excited for it to hit your home floors! Keep an eye out for the Savanna, it’s going to change what you know about engineered hardwood floors.

Tis the season to be stressed out? Not!

0 comments / Nov 29, 2016

Well, the holiday season is upon us once again, time for families to get together and over eat. Watch football, exchange gifts and realize you can’t put off that purchase of new flooring any longer. Your family that you haven’t seen in years is coming town and you’re entering freak out mode. That old nasty carpet you should have changed out during the Bush administration just cannot be tolerated another day. Now with your mother in law and aunt Betty coming to town your going into nesting overdrive. OMG what to do first?!

Image result for happy holidays

The first thing to do is not wait until the last minute. If you’re thinking you can get a good quality product and installation by Thanksgiving you’re probably smoking your turkey (pun intended). This is the busiest time of year for your local flooring dealer as everyone has family coming to town. Everyone is trying to make a good impression with their in laws and put their best foot forward. You’re most likely too late for Thanksgiving but there is still time for the end of the year festivities.

Start looking now! If you’re reading this you’re on the right track. Check out all the selections here at urbanfloor.com and have an idea what you’re looking for before you visit your local dealer. This time of year some dealers have their installation crews booked out 3-4 weeks in advance. So if you start now and do as much preparation before you go shopping you can squeeze that project in on time. Here is a list of a few things to think about before you shop.

  1. What is my budget (how much can I afford to spend)?
  2. What areas of my home are priorities?
  3. Time off work, you will most likely need to take some days off work while the project is being done. New flooring can take from one day to three weeks depending on the scope of work.
  4. Think about preparation to save on cost. Can you move your own furniture? Can you remove and dispose of your old flooring? Doing these will save time and money.
  5. What will I do with my five dogs and six cats?
  6. Expect the unexpected. No matter how good or experienced your dealer representative is when he comes out to measure and evaluate your home. There is a very good chance that some hidden condition may exist under that old carpet that cannot be seen until the day the project starts. Damaged sub floor, uneven dips and humps that carpet and pad will hide from view until removed. Often repair of these conditions must be done before the new floor is installed and this will require extra cost.

Ok so what’s next? Get going the clock is ticking you still have time but time is getting short. This is the best time of year, time for family and friends. Don’t let the enormity of it all stress you out. You have help out there; visit your local Urban Floor Dealer. Let them walk you through the process, it’s not too late to make a great first impression! Hurry the clock is ticking….

Ron Call

Out Goes Summer, In Comes Fall

0 comments / Sep 28, 2016

Summer is officially over and we’ve had our fun in the sun. Beach trips, camping, barbecues, all that jazz. It all went by like a blink of an eye and Summer never seems to last long enough nowadays. Back in grade school, summer vacation seemed to last forever and the days never seemed to end. Now it seems like the years are becoming shorter and shorter but maybe that’s just growing up.
Hello Autumn


With the end of September Autumn comes into play (or Fall, whichever you prefer) and the weather begins to cool down, school is back in session, and colors change from bright greens to warm oranges. I wholeheartedly believe that the commencement of Fall is the kickoff of our Holiday season, so I have an inclination to become incredibly festive no later than October first. Is that a bit premature? I like to think not. So we’re going to talk about small interior design touches for your entry way to set the mood utilizing the color of your hardwood floor as a staple to create a big impact on your Autumn aesthetic.


I like to welcome the seasonal change and embrace the vibe right off the bat by hanging a beautiful wreath and a themed welcome mat outside the front door. As soon as someone approaches the home, they are well aware that this fall inspo isn’t to be taken lightly. These are serious matters and this isn’t a game. Nothing says Autumn celebration décor like foliage and of course welcome mats are always fun. So we’re creating a story before the door is even opened.


Now, once you walk in the home, the entry way smells of cinnamon apple cider with the help of a seasonal inspired candle or two. This is where we get a little scientific with our interior design, we want a full sensory experience of fall in the home. If it was at all possible, I’d have small gusts of chilly wind brush the faces of company when entering, followed by the heat of a fireplace, warming and comforting my visitors. That may a bit extreme, but that fantasy-land experience would never be forgotten. I digress.


Finally, we can talk about décor. Sure, you can add a pumpkin here or there like everyone else if you want to go the obvious and expected route, however we’re attempting to conceptualize with a higher taste design mindset to capture the aesthetic of Autumn, while at the same time elevating the style component throughout. A printed throw rug or a runner over a color wood floor like our Bach from the Composer collection could be an ideal element to add. The rug wouldn’t necessarily have to be burnt orange in color, you could have a deep forest green, or even a dark shade of purple to contrast the actual “Autumn colors” people associate the season with. Of course if you have a wood floor like our Grant from the Presidential collection, you’d want to stray from darker colors and go with a tan rug or soft light hue of red. You could build around the hardwood/rug combo with a vase filled with a bundle of sticks and a few more pops of color, perhaps a teal or lime green picture frame for a bit more contrast and there you have it. A small base and introduction of Fall themed interior design for your entry way that can continue onto the rest of your home. Even if you aren’t one to redecorate often, these little additions can go a long way in bringing a festive atmosphere to your home. Happy Autumn, friends!

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The Three Phases of Flooring Installation by Ron Call

Aug 20, 2016

three phases flooring installationHello there, my name is Ron Call from Urban Floor and today I want to talk about the three phases of flooring installation.

As a flooring professional, when I walk into someone’s home for the first time, just as a guest and not even as a professional, the first place my eyes go are straight to the floor. I can’t help myself; it’s what I do. I assume my dentist looks at people’s teeth when he meets them for the first time. It’s human nature, I guess. Whether the floor is carpet, wood, laminate or tile, I can in tell in seconds whether the installation was done by a professional or a weekend warrior. If it looks like it was done by a weekend warrior, I usually ask, “Who did your floors?” It is so obvious to me when a floor is installed by an amateur homeowner, because the devil is in the details. Most people will not tackle a carpet job on their own unless it’s a drop room or two. Seams are not easy to do if you don’t have the experience. A loose, wavy install that has not been power-stretched can be seen from miles away. Likewise on hard surface installations like wood, laminate, tile and vinyl, properly installed baseboards, moldings and undercut door jambs are the difference between a million-dollar install and the headache of callbacks, repairs and an unhappy customer.

The Three Phases of Flooring Installation

Phase 1
There are basically three phases to a flooring installation (phase one, floor prep, and phase three, the finishing details, are the most important). Phase one, floor prep, means making sure your substrate is clean, flat and dry. This is critical to any installation. For soft surfaces, making sure you have backed up or replaced any loose tack strip or old metals will make your carpet job smooth and relatively stress-free. There is nothing more frustrating when you are power-stretching carpet than to have popping tack strip.

For hard surface installations, not properly flattening, sealing and prepping your floor is usually the difference between being a pro anda weekend warrior. If while working on a floating install, you feel like you’re walking on a trampoline, then you probably left your 10’ straight edge at home. At this point you better stop what you’re doing, go home and get it. Pull up what you have done and fix it now, as fixing it later will take much more time and cost much more money.

Phase 2

Phase two is the actual installation of the floor. Sure, it looks pretty easy when you watch them do it on the DIY channel, which is why so many homeowner’s attempt to do it themselves. How hard can it be, right? Well, what they don’t realize is when you are paying for a quality installation, you are really paying for an excellent job not just in phase two, the install, but phases one (floor prep) and phase three (finishing details).

Phase 3
Properly installed base boards, quarter round, base shoe, T-moldings, baby thresholds, scribe moldings and other trims (all part of phase three) will make the difference between a happy customer and a callback, and set you apart from the DIYers. If you really want to set yourself apart from other installers, learn to stain and finish your own trims. To really wow them, learn how to cut hard returns on baseboard and shoe moldings.

Just because the manufacturer and retailer sold a 3” wide baby threshold as a transition at the sliding glass door does not mean it will look as good as a small scribe molding that you stained to match. If you’re not comfortable staining your own scribe molding, you might be able to take the prefinished baby threshold provided and rip it on a table saw to create your own prefinished scribe molding. I installed a baby threshold at a sliding glass door once and my customer told me it looked like an aircraft carrier on his hardwood floor. Compared to a small scribe molding I could hardly disagree.

Dealing With Transitions

floor transitions 101
Transitions like T-moldings and reducers can be tricky, especially when working with a concrete subfloor where pin nailing them down is not an option. Most installers will use a good construction adhesive and blue painter’s tape to secure them in place while the adhesive cures. However, when installing multiple pieces (for example at a tile, carpet or stone transition where there are angles such as a fireplace or tile entryway) the installer often finds the next day, after the adhesive has cured, that the pieces have shifted and become misaligned. Or maybe there are gaps.

This often necessitates buying new moldings and starting over, as removal at this point almost always results in breakage. This is often caused by someone stepping on the moldings before the adhesive has had time to fully cure, or the trim piece was slightly bowed and lifted up off the floor and the tape could not hold it.

The Trick to Floor Transitions

A simple method to prevent this is to purchase a $20 hot-melt glue gun from your local hardware store. When applying your construction adhesive, leave a small area on both ends of each piece and a small spot in the middle of the channel where the glue is to be applied. This is where you will place dollops of thermal-plastic glue.

Apply the construction adhesive first; making sure your molding is cut properly. (Dry fit first.) Then quickly place the hot-melt glue in the three spots where there is no construction adhesive. Quickly place the molding in place and hold in securely for about three minutes while the thermalplastic glue sets up (cools).The thermalplastic glue will hold the molding in place until the construction adhesive has had time to cure. No need for blue tape on transitions any more. This method will also save a trip back the next day to do a carpet re-tack after the construction adhesive cures.

The hot-melt glue once cooled will hold the carpet reducer in place, allowing for a carpet re-tack before the construction adhesive fully cures. Using the hot-melt glue gun will save you hundreds of dollars a year on callbacks, blue tape, replacing shifted moldings and trip charges for re-tacks.

Be sure and carry plenty of colors of wood putty and caulking. Putty any gaps and nail holes, and caulk the tops of your baseboards and around toilets and at bathtubs. Undercut your door jambs and keep your blades sharp. Doing all this leads to happy customers, which leads to more customers.

The Devil is in the Details – Don’t Cut Corners

Remember – the devils in the details so don’t cut corners. Make yourself a master of phase one and phase three; most anyone can do phase two in a pinch. You are not getting paid just for mastering one of the phases. You are getting paid to be a master of all three.

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