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How Can I Protect a Hardwood Floor from a Rolling Office Chair?

Are you concerned about the appearance of your hardwood floors becoming ruined by office chairs? This is a legitimate concern for many hardwood floor owners who enjoy sporting hardwood floors in their office, either at work or even at home. Rolling office chairs undoubtedly overtime […]

Questions You May Be Asked When Buying Hardwood Floors

Here at Urban Floor, we sell hardwood floors. Duh, right? Well, being salesmen for all of these years in the hardwood flooring industry, we’ve come to learn a few things: that most people interested in hardwood floors often don’t know what they want. Is this […]

Emerging Trend: Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen?

That’s right, you heard us: hardwood floors in the kitchen. *We want to mention however that we do not condone the use of hardwood floors in the kitchen – despite how beautiful they are – because of the chance of water damage occurring. With that […]

Our Engineered Hardwood Floors Are FloorScore® Approved!

Our Engineered Hardwood Floors Are FloorScore® Approved!

Urban Floor is proud to announce that the engineered hardwood floors we offer have been carefully tested and certified by FloorScore®. What Does FloorScore® Certification Mean? The FloorScore® certification label on a floor ensures good indoor air quality for a healthier home. “FloorScore® is the […]

Industry Report: Residential Flooring Trends Are Evolving

Flooring industry experts who study trends have noticed some welcoming changes beginning to occur in residential homes. We initially featured a post on hardwood flooring trends for 2016 based mainly on speculation, but the industry experts have chimed in with their own personal experiences and […]

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