Interesting Hardwood Flooring Statistics – 2016

hardwood flooring industry news 2016We’re now a little over halfway through the year, and since January there have been a few reports released revealing various stats in the hardwood flooring industry that provide some great insight into what homeowners prefer and where the trends are headed.

What’s the Industry Show?

According to a report* published by Hardwood Floors Mag, the Magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association, there are many stats that’d we like to cover specifically.

1. Hardwood Floor Sales Are Up!

Distributors mentioned that a whopping 66% increase in the dollar value of sales occurred in 2015. Prior to that, an 84% increase had occurred in 2014. In short, hardwood floor sales are on a steady climb & we’re eager to see where the results will land from surveys distributed this year.

2. Highest Purchased Wood Flooring Species

From the report, distributors mentioned that 33% of their hardwood floor sales came from white oak species (a great example of this is our Chene collection), and 32% came from red oak species. Oak continues to stay a dominant choice for many hardwood floor owners. Homeowners should keep this in mind!

3. Highest Purchased Finish Sold

Hardwood floors come packed with a few different types of finishes to give them the beautiful, captivating look people desire. In this year’s report, hardwood floor sales consisted of 35% oil-modified finishes, and 49% were water-based finishes.

See: Oil-Based Finishes for Hardwood Floors.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Sold

While we’re huge advocates of engineered wood flooring for a variety of reasons, sales from hardwood floors consisted of 62% solid hardwood floors, and 38% engineered hardwood floors. This number will continue to grow as more contractors, homeowners, and distributors see the value and benefits gained from using engineered hardwood floors.

There’s a lot of other great information to check out in the report, we only merely covered the surface. The entire report may be found here.

*Please note that the statistics covered in this article were published in 2016, but taken from surveys completed in 2015.