New in L’artiste

The crazy year that has been 2020 is now coming to a close. We are celebrating the coming of the new year with the launch of four new, stunning wide plank European oak colors in our premium L’artiste collection. Read below and you’ll see exactly why we couldn’t wait until 2021 to share these floors!


The depth of color and feeling of Alexandre Antigna’s compassionate works of art is mirrored in the multidimensional color of the European oak Antigna. The smooth texture of natural grain is like brush strokes on each beautiful 8 5/8″ wide plank. Its neutral tone, created using state of-the-art reactive staining techniques, creates color and character from naturally occurring components of the wood and is unmatched by traditionally stained floors. With a durable 6mm wear layer and strong cross-finger core, the Antigna matches its beauty with an enduring construction.


The wide planks of the European oak Bellini are the perfect canvas to showcase its unique, warm, multidimensional color tones created using state-of-the-art reactive staining techniques. Each smooth plank brings a richness and a warmth wherever it is installed. Completed with a hard-wearing UV lacquer finish, the Bellini is an investment in both quality and beauty.


The paintings of French artist, Claude Lorrain, seem to emanate light from within. For decades, his sweeping landscapes with glowing, multidimensional light have transfixed the masses. This incredible use of contrast and the talented capture of elusive light inspired the European oak Lorrain. A rich, depth of color is displayed on each wide plank. Delicate grain and a smooth texture provide the ideal surface to showcase a stunning reactive stain that creates an aged aesthetic right out of the box. With a cross-finger core and strong wear layer, the Lorrain is an excellent choice for those who are seeking durability as well as finesse.


Henri Matisse had a fondness for bright and expressive color. His works are bursting with a vibrance seldom replicated in other works. This love for rich, bold color is embodied in each plank of the European oak Matisse. This unique floor is neutral and yet exorbitantly rich in color. Beautiful, natural variation is complemented with reactive stain technology, creating a one-of-a-kind floor with unapologetic beauty.


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