Featured Floor of the Month – Brazilian Cherry Rio!

summer hardwood flooring
Brazilian Cherry Rio by Urban Floor.

What are a few things you think of when you hear the word “Brazil”? Soccer? Beautiful beaches? Even though Brazil celebrates its summer when we (U.S.) celebrate our winter, we’re still enjoying our summer currently and the Brazilian Cherry Rio fits the vibe quite perfectly! That is why it is our featured floor of the month this August.

The Perfect Choice for Summertime

With reddish, brown undertones and slight hints of yellow and orange – we believe there’s no better engineered hardwood floor option that fits this well for summertime. In reality however, it’s not just summertime that this floor shines… It shines all year round.

Why? Because it’s made from top quality Brazilian Cherry wood (hence the name)!

A Little Background Information

Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, has a natural golden luster to it – allowing for a lot of color character when exposed to sunlight. It would make a great floor for beach houses that are exposed to sunlight quite often!

Brazilian Cherry trees can be found in southern Mexico, the West Indies, and throughout Central America including northern Brazil with trees reaching heights up to 130 feet tall. To put that into perspective imagine around twenty 5’5” (which happens to be around the average height for people in the U.S.) people stacked on top of each other. In other words, a really tall tree!

urban floor brazilian cherry

The Real Shine

We associate Brazil mainly with soccer, beaches, and beautiful women, but in the hardwood flooring world Brazilian wood is cream of the crop when it comes to hardness and density.

On the Janka scale (the source of measurement for testing hardness of floors), Brazilian Cherry ranks in very high with a rating of 2,820 – making it the hardest product that we offer @ Urban Floor.

What does this mean? This means don’t be afraid to party! While Brazilian Cherry is a tough wood, it can still be damaged like any other hardwood floor so don’t go too crazy!

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