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Urbanfloor boasts expertise in producing stylish and quality hardwood floors. Whether you prefer a smooth finish, a hand-scraped finish, or even a heavily distressed floor, Urbanfloor has what you are looking for. Located in Southern California, USA, Urbanfloor has a large facility readily available to fulfill clients’ orders. Our depth of experience and expertise in the wood flooring industry allows us to offer the right combination of prompt delivery and accurate service.

Experienced carpenter smoothing wood with hand plane on workbench.

We take pride in using quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and exacting safety and quality control measures to ensure that each and every customer receives the highest quality product. With numerous and varied styles to choose from, each collection comes with its own factory warranty.

In addition to offering the finest products available today, we are also committed to delivering superior service. We have numerous dealers and distributors around the United States. Our highly trained, dedicated team members strive for excellence every day. The diversity of our people is our best asset and their value is a central part of Urbanfloor. Our goal is to ensure each transaction is conducted smoothly and each and every client is satisfied not only with their actual purchase but with their total purchasing experience.

Wood floor showcasing rich character in bright, modern living space.


At Urbanfloor, we’re always striving to do better – for our customers, our company, and our employees. To make sure this approach is a central part of future planning, we’ve put our mission in writing.

“We will be the leading Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacture provider to Distributors and Retail businesses. Our focus on superior customer service, sustained growth, and our ability to take advantage of strategic opportunities will enable us to maximize profitability.”

Our crew

Five Core


The value employees bring to creating customer solutions provides the backbone of our team’s success.


Our tradition of ethical and honest business conduct is the foundation of our organization.


We constantly strive to find new and better ways to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Our employees thrive in an atmosphere which supports continuous learning development and personal growth.


We will provide ACTIONS, not just words!


Urbanfloor provides sustainable products by acquiring raw materials from ecologically well-managed forests and suppliers. Our products have been installed in various commercial buildings and upscale residential homes across the U.S. and abroad. Our practice is to use only environmentally safe adhesives between each ply of our engineered wood floors.

Urbanfloor carefully balances the goal of adding beauty and character to magnificent architectural structures while ensuring the preservation of our natural resources.

The Lacey Act of 1900, or more commonly The Lacey Act (16 U.S.C.§ 3371-3378) is a conservation law introduced by Iowa Rep. John F. Lacey. Protecting both plants and wildlife by creating civil and criminal penalties for a wide array of violations, the Act most notably prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, transported, or sold. The law was signed into law by President William McKinley on May 25, 1900, and is still in effect, although it has been amended several times. All of Urbanfloor’s products are Lacey Act Compliant.

Urbanfloor is environmentally responsible by meeting the standards of California Air Resources Board’s formaldehyde emissions. All of our products are Phase 2 certified compliant and we put homeowner’s health and our employees’ health at our utmost importance.

Urbanfloor is environmentally responsible.


Urban Floor logo


Urbanfloor becomes incorporated and our first logo developed.

Urbanfloo in Paramount, CA.


Urbanfloor opened a 3,500 sq. ft office and warehouse in Paramount, CA.

Urbanfloor relocated.


Urbanfloor relocated to 5,760 sq. ft. Office in Commerce, CA

Urbanfloor introduces lifestyle collections


Introduces its Premium line (known as Urban Lifestyles) that consisting of 20 different species and colors of engineered wood flooring

Urbanfloor introduces more products.


Urbanfloor introduces 9 more colors into its Premium Line (known as Urban Lifestyles) making that of a total 29 different selections.

Urbanfloor relocated to City of Industry, CA.


Urbanfloor moved to a 20,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse in City of Industry, CA

Urbanfloor updated its logo.


To commemorate our continous growth, our logo has been updated with a 3D modern version.

Urbanfloor introduces the most successful collection.


Urbanfloor has added its most successful collection Moutain Country Collection that consists of 8 SKUS, ranging from Hickory, Maple and Birch. Mountain Country Collection is known for its rustic moutain feel.

Urbanfloor reloacted to a bigger offices.


Urbanfloor moved in July to a 50,000 sq. ft. Office and warehouse in the City of Industry, CA

Urbanfloor introduces a third collection.


Urbanfloor added a third collection, known as the Welcome Home Collection consists of 8 SKUs. Welcome Home Collection is offered in both Smooth and Hand-scraped Finish.

Urbanfloor introduces Villa Caprisi collection.


Urbanfloor debuts its most prized Collection, Villa Caprisi, at Surfaces 2011. Villa Caprisi is European White Oak, with wide and long planks.

Urbanfloor introduces Mountain Country collection.


Urbanfloor debuted in March, two Walnuts, a new species to the Mountain Country Collection.

Urbanfloor introduces Urban Lifestyles collection.


In April, also added a new species to its Urban Lifestyles Collection, consisting of two Ipe’s, or better known as Brazilian Walnut.

Urbanfloor's on air with KLOS 95.5.


In early spring of 2011, Urbanfloor goes on air with KLOS 95.5

Urbanfloor has a larger warehouse.


Urbanfloor welcomes an additional 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse for our growing product line.

Dan Aykroyd visits Urbanfloor.


Dan Aykroyd visits Urbanfloor.

Villa Caprisi collection is featured on television and internet shows.


Urbanfloor hits the celebrity circuit as our Villa Caprisi collection is featured on television and internet shows, such as the Rachael Ray Show, Xolcation, and DIY’s Kitchen Crashers.

Villa Caprisi floor is installed in Carter Oosterhouse's Beverly Hills home.


Carter Oosterhouse, HGTV host and his actress wife, Amy Smart, select Villa Caprisi oak to install in their Beverly Hills home.

Urbanfloor introduces Composer collection.


Urbanfloor introduces the Composer collection with seven SKUs. This collection is characterized by its ultra-wide and extra long planks.

Urbanfloor introduces 6 new products to Downtown Series collection.


Urbanfloor adds six new SKUs to our Downtown Series collection.

Urbanfloor featured in "Cooking with Paula Dean" Magazine.


Urbanfloor featured in “Cooking with Paula Dean” Magazine.

Urbanfloor introduces Presidential Signature collection.


Urbanfloor introduces a new collection, Presidential Signature, featuring 8 SKUs. This collection is hand-carved from solid wood.

Urbanfloor introduces a new shipping facility in Atlanta.


Urbanfloor expands adding a new shipping facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Urbanfloor introduces Royal Court collection.


Urbanfloor introduces a new collection, Royal Court, with 6 SKUs. This is the first collection to feature random width flooring.

Urbanfloor sponsors Rowhouse Showdown on the FYI network


Urbanfloor sponsors Rowhouse Showdown on the FYI network, an 8 episode renovating show hosted by Carter Oosterhouse.

Urbanfloor shows in Elle Decor magazine.


Nationwide advertising campaign in Elle Decor Magazine.

Urbanfllor named as a top brand.


The Reco Intelligence Report names Urbanfloor as a top brand in 5 categories.

Urbanfloor attends the International Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas.


In January, Urbanfloor attends the International Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas, NV for the eighth year.

Virist Urban Floor at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas at HD Expo on May 13-15, 2015.


Urbanfloor showcases at the HD Expo held in Las Vegas.

Urbanfloor opens a new showroom in City of Industry.


Urbanfloor opens a newly renovated showroom in City of Industry in September.

Urbanfloor opens a new showroom in City of Industry.


Urbanfloor opens a newly renovated showroom in City of Industry in September.

Urbanfloor will be at HD Expo showcasing our newest products! Visit us at Booth 1192, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.


Urbanfloor exhibits at the HD Expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Urbanfloor adds new products to Mountain country collection.


The new birch SKUs are added to the Mountain Country collection.

Urbanfloor donates to Habitat for Humanity.


Urbanfloor proudly donates 411 boxes of 7.5″ oil finished European Oak wood flooring from our Composer Collection, along with over a hundred moldings, to Habitat for Humanity.

Urbanfloor attends The International Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas.


Urbanfloor attends The International Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas, NV for the 9th year!

Urbanfloor collaborates with Timbertop.


Urbanfloor collaborates with European manufacturer Timbertop for the premium Timbertop series.

Urbanfloor adds new products to Royal Court collection.


Urbanfloor debuts a new series in their Royal Court collection featuring beautiful 6.5″ European oak with six beautiful SKUs.

Urbanfloor introduces Savanna collection.


Urbanfloor introduces a new collection, Savanna, featuring 7 SKUs. This collection is our most eco-friendly to date.

Urbanfloor presents the 2018 Lookbook


Urbanfloor presents the 2018 Lookbook, complete with all their new and exciting products.

Urbanfloor introduces Cascade Series.


Urbanfloor launches a 20 SKU line of SPC. with embossed grain and a 100% waterproof rigid core construction, Cascade has the beauty of wood and the strength of stone.

Urbanfloor introduces L'artiste collection.


Inspired by some of history’s most prestigious French artists, Urbanfloor presents the premium L’artiste collection featuring 10 beautiful 8 5/8″ wide European oak reactive stained colors.

Urbanfloor presents the 2019 Lookbook


The new Lookbook is released, featuring exciting new products from easy to install SPC Cascade to the luxury European oak L’artiste.

Urbanfloor introduces Cascade Fine Sands collection.


Urbanfloor rings in the new year with the Cascade Fine Sands, a series of SPC that features 10 stunning, premium SKUs including six 9″-wide reactive-stain scanned colors.

Urbanfloor adds new products to Chêne collection.


Chêne, one of our most popular collections, grows with 7 gorgeous new 6″ wide European oak SKUs.

Urbanfloor adds new products to Timbertop Lifestyle Collection.


Four new stunning European Oak SKUs are added to our premium Timbertop Lifestyle Collection.

Urbanfloor attends The International Surfaces Event.


Urbanfloor is back at Surfaces 2022 in Las Vegas, NV showing the latest and greatest in Premium, wide plank European oak!

Urbanfloor presents the 2022 Lookbook


The new 2022 Lookbook is released featuring all the new additions to the Urbanfloor lineup.

Urbanfloor introduces European oak laminate - TheBLVD collection.


Urbanfloor launches an all-new line of fine European oak laminate – TheBLVD. With 20 incredible water-resistant SKUs and an AC5 scratch rating!

Urbanfloor attends The International Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas.


Urbanfloor exhibits at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, NV to introduce TheBLVD and showcase the finest European oak in the Timbertop collection.

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