These photos provide an example of the product’s appearance but may not be representative of the full range of color tones, character, and variations which can occur in the product itself. Due to differing lighting conditions (natural or artificial light) and photo editing styles of photographers, this gallery should be used for inspiration and reference only. Click here to be connected with a local dealer where you can view the floor in person.

Timbertop – Lucca Herringbone

Timbertop – Smoked Oak Rustic

L’artiste by Timbertop – Bazille

Timbertop – St. Mortiz Herringbone

Chêne – Chardonnay

Villa Caprisi – Milano

Villa Caprisi – Modena

The BLVD – Coach

Composer – Debussy

Timbertop – Vail Herringbone

Chêne – Amarone

Urban Lifestyle – Walnut White Mist

Timbertop – Treviso

Cascade – Cumberland

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